The Best 6 Minutes of Your Evening

Thanks to my new friend Kevin Bronson (yes, THE Kevin Bronson of for turning me on to this. If you are a fan of live music, or even if the closest you’ve been to a club is at your cousin’s penny-ante poker game, bookmark his site.

Vanessa McGradyThe Best 6 Minutes of Your Evening

Tweenbot: People, at their core, are good

In the tradition of GREAT things coming out of my alma mater, an NYU student conducted a social experiment to see if strangers would help a derailed robot get to its destination, the southwest corner of Washington Square Park. To paraphrase Anne Frank, I do believe that people don’t suck as much as we generally think they do.

Vanessa McGradyTweenbot: People, at their core, are good

Spam a lot

My father was always an early adopter. He got the first stereo remote control, and would amuse and amaze visitors by waving one arm up and down (the other in his pocket) as the volume of the music mysteriously changed accordingly. In first grade, we had a ditto machine that bested the copier at my school. Betamax? Yep. Laser Disc? …

Vanessa McGradySpam a lot

As much as I want to jump off Facebook every time somebody does something I don’t understand, like send me a sea garden creature or pelt me with a virtual snowball, cool people from the woodwork of my past tap me on the shoulder and I’m so happy to hear from them and then I relent and dig out pictures …

Vanessa McGrady

Soundtrack of Our Lives

Could It Be Magic – Barry Manilow When you’re 40licious, you have a very specific soundtrack to your life. My first memories of music were dancing for anyone who would watch in my dad’s home office, the long leather couch a stage, to Teresa Brewer’s “Put Another Nickel in Music Music Music.” Later, there was listening to disco and yacht …

Vanessa McGradySoundtrack of Our Lives

I Love You Madly

PostSecret: A Valentine Video You all know who you are. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Vanessa McGradyI Love You Madly

Goodbye, Catwoman

We lost our dear, inimitable Eartha Kitt yesterday. Eartha, wherever you are, I trust you don’t have to pay retail there. You will be missed.

Vanessa McGradyGoodbye, Catwoman