How to Announce a Divorce

I know how to announce a wedding and engagement or new baby on Facebook. You go and add adorable pictures and toggle some status settings and wait for the OMGs and congrats! to flood in. I do not know how to announce a divorce. I’m not good at this part, it seems. Does one “announce” a divorce? I’m the one …

Vanessa McGradyHow to Announce a Divorce

Relationships: Women Marrying Later and Divorcing Less

It was worth waiting for the best guy in the world. I’ve always felt more outsider than insider: professionally I freelanced for about 20 years before I ever took the corporate job. My clothes are from thrift stores and funky boutiques; I’m not really a Macy’s girl. My family is about as far from normal as you can get. And …

Vanessa McGradyRelationships: Women Marrying Later and Divorcing Less

The 40licious Bride: Aftermath

It’s hard to be whatever you’d call the modern equivalent of a fairy princess for six months — building to the apex of fabulousness in which you wear the BEST DRESS you’ve ever had, partied with the BEST PEOPLE you know, and then linked up for life with the BEST LOVER you will ever meet — and then plunk down …

Vanessa McGradyThe 40licious Bride: Aftermath


We are married. We are home.

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The 40licious Bride: Part VI

This post is about another 40licious bride, my friend Lisa. Now, Lisa is much, much older than I am — we met when I was 4, and she was 5. She moved into the apartment downstairs and from that day forward, we did everything together. Being a grade ahead, she’d come home and teach me what she’d learned — shoe-tying, …

Vanessa McGradyThe 40licious Bride: Part VI

The 40licious Bride: Part V

I see a pattern here, and apologies to those of you who are completely uninterested in reading about our upcoming nuptials. There’s just so much I am noticing since I took so long to get here! Today I shopped for the undergarments that will go with my dress. The dress is a strapless tiered number in a mermaid silhouette made …

Vanessa McGradyThe 40licious Bride: Part V

The 40licious Bride: Part IV

    By the time you get to 40licious, you like things a certain way. Personally, I have to art direct everything and that includes my wardrobe. ESPECIALLY my bridal wardrobe.   Saturday, we went to Steve’s parents’ and his mom, Ellen, meticulously stitched the edging on my veil. We sat around and chatted about this and that, broke for …

Vanessa McGradyThe 40licious Bride: Part IV