On the 7th Day She Rocks

I’ve carved out Sundays for my own. Most people know that I’m not up for plans (unless, perhaps, they’ve come from out of town or if it’s a VERY special occasion). Not even the boyfriend gets time on Sundays, and that’s saying a lot. The routine goes like this, generally: wake up, flip through the paper, hit the farmer’s market, …

Vanessa McGradyOn the 7th Day She Rocks

Nesting Frenzy

Here’s what the equasion seems to be: Informed about better-than-expected tax refund + news about great trip to Japan for 10 days + anticipating a child in the home + madly in love with boyfriend = INTENSE NESTING FRENZY On my way to yoga tonight, I thought I’d buy Steve a sweater for Valentine’s Day to introduce the prospect of …

Vanessa McGradyNesting Frenzy

The Thing You Resist

The thing you resist is the thing you most likely need the most. Like if you keep putting off cleaning your desk, it is precisely what you should be tackling. For years, I resisted a yoga pose that was too hard and too awkward and made my left arm go numb. It’s called “Eka Pada Koundiyanasana,” or “hurdle” pose. When …

Vanessa McGradyThe Thing You Resist

Going in Deeper

From my teacher tonight: In yoga, there is only so much you can do, so far your body can go, and then you have to take it deeper within. I have been contorting myself in all manifestations of forms since about 1997. Yoga is familiar to me, it is comfort, I feel at home and it helps to ease my …

Vanessa McGradyGoing in Deeper

It’s All Practice

I’m applying for another job where I work. It’s not that I don’t like what I’m currently doing — I’m actually quite enjoying it and just had a major splash with the announcement of the largest solar contract in the world. But this other job is a little more lucrative and a little outside my scope. It’s new. I’ve never …

Vanessa McGradyIt’s All Practice

Radical acceptance

I go to yoga whenever I can, whenever inertia does not get the best of me. Not only is it good for my high-water bootie (my hairdresser SueAnn remarked today that I have a butt like no white girl she’s ever seen, which I’m hoping is a good thing), but also, sometimes the teacher will say something in passing but …

Vanessa McGradyRadical acceptance

Reverse Warrior

Yoga is a metaphor for everything else. You seriously could drive yourself half bats making all the intellectual, spiritual and emotional connections. In yoga there is a counter pose for every pose. When you spend time bending forward, you move into a back bend. When you stretch left, you stretch right. And so on. There is a series of poses …

Vanessa McGradyReverse Warrior