Rock Needs River

My memoir, ROCK NEEDS RIVER is available at pretty much any bookstore you can think of, including Amazon, Target, and Barnes & Noble. There’s also an audio version!

I have a book! This amazes me.


  • The Atlantic had a beautifully nuanced and thoughtful review: “McGrady’s adoption story is rare and important … Rock Needs River reminds the reader that although open adoption is often characterized nowadays as the enlightened, humane way to adopt a child, it can come with its own complications.”
  • CNN did a very thorough and sensitive Q & A.
  • Included in the Washington Post’s 10 Books to Read in February: “Adoptions in the United States were once conducted with sealed files and sealed lips. Some have gotten much more open, but Vanessa McGrady took it to a different level when she invited the homeless biological parents of her adopted daughter to live with her. Nothing went according to plan, and McGrady chronicles her non-fairy-tale path to parenthood with uncommon candor.” 
  • Here’s a gorgeous review in the New York Journal of Books: “She is ceaselessly generous and courageous in giving voice and tone and texture to each of the main people in this story. This is a book about McGrady’s abiding devotion to her daughter, ‘the greatest love of my life,’ and, as such, is a joyous journey to experience with her.”
  • I had the great pleasure to be on August McLaughlin’s Girl Boner Radio podcast.
  • So much fun to do Traci Thomas’ The Stacks podcast. She’s such a cool and fun and smart interviewer. We also talked about Nicole Chung’s All You Can Ever Know the following week.
  • I loved talking to Barbara DeMarco-Barrett on KUCI’s Writers on Writing.
  • This lovely interview with Kate Daniels on Warm 106.9.
  • Dr. Alvin had me on his show and he was a great interviewer.
  • Bustle said: “Her memoir shares the complicated, compelling ride.” 
  • Kirkus Reviews said: “… The conversational tone makes the reader feel like a trusted friend … She offers interesting insight into the lives of those who adopt and those who give up a child for adoption, as well as the personal angst that goes along with such a decision. An expressive and love-filled tale of a unique adoption scenario.” 
  • Publisher’s Weekly said: “… McGrady’s memoir is a touching and honest adoption story.” 
  • CBC Out in the Open (Canadian radio): It was hard. ‘Til this day, I wonder what I should have done differently, what boundaries should I have drawn? What could I have done to make it right?” McGrady wondered. But she also said she had to remind herself she’s Grace’s parent, not theirs.
  • Sunshine Shed said: “She’s a fiercely loving and protective mother, which redeems the more complicated, flawed, and frustrating parts of herself that she puts forth in this book.” 
  • Fun video interview with Michelle Dunton of Writing Fun. She’s so gracious!
  • An excerpt in Salon
  • Book Q & As with Deborah Kalb
  • Loved talking to Hank Garner on his Author Stories podcast about being a writer
  • Featured in my hometown paper (and former workplace!) The Peninsula Daily News.
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