Rock Needs River

My memoir, ROCK NEEDS RIVER, comes out in early 2019 from Little A, Amazon’s literary imprint. It’s available for pre-order.

I have a book! This amazes me.

Kirkus Reviews said: “… The conversational tone makes the reader feel like a trusted friend as McGrady meanders through her memories … She offers interesting insight into the lives of those who adopt and those who give up a child for adoption, the whys and hows and personal angst that goes along with such a decision as seen through her personal lens. The love McGrady feels toward Grace, whom she has dedicated the book and her life to, is the sweet layer of frosting on top on a multilayered cake. An expressive and love-filled tale of adoption and of befriending the biological parents of the adopted child.”

Publisher’s Weekly said: “… McGrady’s memoir is a touching and honest adoption story.”

For interview requests and review copies, please contact Nicole Dewey or Lucy Silag.

Vanessa McGradyRock Needs River