Can’t Buy Me Love

Yesterday at 5 p.m. it became legal for same-sex couples to get married in California. Now, I don’t know about the rest of the world, but the recent media coverage here is nonstop: all kinds of interviews and footage about gay people smooching all over each other. At one point today I thought, “God, do we really need another man-on-the-street interview about how some random dude feels about two other dudes tying the knot?”

But then I relented. All these stories, all day long, are about how much people love each other. And I hope they run news like this every day. Because always, always, throughout time, there’s someone with not enough stuff to think about, or art to make, or cookies to bake, who wants to wreck other people’s happiness.

Vanessa McGradyCan’t Buy Me Love

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