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Personal Finance & Career

Read me on, where I regularly cover personal finance for families, becoming a savvier shopper, and spiritual prosperity.

Here are personal finance stories on BBVA Compass’ MoneyFit section about retirement, college, saving money at home and more.

Less Stuff, More Fun: Gift Ideas Beyond the Box (Citi)

It’s All Relative: How To Successfully Manage in a Family Run Business (SHRM)

Financial Lessons From My Parents—And What I Had To Learn Myself (GOOD Magazine)

Ready for Retirement: So You Haven’t Been Saving. Now What? (Martha Stewart)

Ready for Retirement: How to Save Money at Any Age (Martha Stewart)

7 Things Not to Say at Work (

6 Things You Must Know About Buying a Car (

5 Home Improvements That Will Make You Money (Lending Tree)

Debt Consolidation Guide: How to Streamline Payments to Lower Stress (Lending Tree)


Here I am with a ton of advice for small businesses for BBVA Compass bank.

Wellvolution Partners and Coaches Step Up Amid Shelter-in-Place Orders (Blue Shield of California)


LA Affairs: The Sheer Exhaustion of Dating as a Single Mom (LA Times)

Three Cakes, A Mystery Pie, and Coffee: How We Measure Pandemic Time In Food (Medium, Food)

When My Daughter Asked if Santa Was Real, I Said Yes (Washington Post)

Books on Adoption (Read It Forward)

5 Things Every Kid Needs to Hear Before the Holidays (What’s Up Moms)

But Where’s She *From* From, and Other Adoption Qs That Sting (What’s Up Moms)

I Won’t Let My 4-Year-Old Daughter Grow Up Stepping Aside For Sexism, Like I Did (Jezebel)

3 Miscarriages and a Miracle (Jezebel)

My Daughter Dressed Like Elsa From “Frozen” for 23 Days — And It Was Amazing (Salon)

Why Egg Freezing Benefits Aren’t Even Close to Enough (Jezebel)

The Elaborate Replacement Teddy Bear Hoax (New York Times)

The Birth Parents Move In (New York Times)

Why I Will Never Tell My Daughter to Give You a Hug (Jezebel)

The Shotgun Mentality: How Fathers Are Still Controlling Their Daughter’s Sexuality (Ravishly)

When Family Ties Become Tangled (Whole Life Times)

How to Talk to Girls: Interview with Lisa Bloom (

How to Parent Boys: Interview with Lisa Bloom (

Sacre Bleu! French Kids Eat Everything (

What Not to Say to Adoptive Parents (

Now I Get It! (

Not Quite the Reaction I Expected (

Work It Out (Parent & Child)

Essays & Culture

The Policing of Women Then and Now and How to Curb It (KCET)

20 Rejected Princesses Who Prove Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History (Refinery 29)

A Black Mom and a White Mom Talk About Race BECAUSE WE HAVE TO (Refinery 29)

Photo Essay: My Daughter’s Birth Parents Are Homeless, And I Don’t Know How To Help Them (Refinery29)

Better Living Through David Bowie, or, How I Became My Own Hero (BUST)

Advice to a New Grad (Purple Clover)

Taking the Scenic Route to the Best Divorce Ever (Purple Clover)

Health & Environment

The Philanthropic Spark: A Lucky Pair (Cedars-Sinai)

My Personal Power Play: One Woman’s Eco-Evolution from Off the Grid to On the Clock (

Green Up Your Act (Parent & Child)

Bright Ideas (Parent & Child)

A blonde Walks into a Blog: Interview with Daryl Hannah (

Show It Like It Is: A Group of Women Bare Everything to the Camera to Show All Bodies Are Perfect (Seattle Times)

Philanthropy and community health stories for Kaiser Permanente

Travel & Lifestyle

Los Angeles Day Trip: Chinatown (Sunset Magazine)

One Perfect Day in Glendale, California (Sunset Magazine)

The Cheese Log: Some Cheese, a Road, and Memories (

Slopping in the Mud for Sensational Shellfish (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Storms Worth Watching (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Seattle soul: Find a Little Wisdom and a Lot of Great Creole in the Central District (Sunset Magazine)

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