40licious Beauty: Facial Exercises Keep You Younger Looking Longer

We are incredibly blessed to have a post today from Carole Maggio, a spa owner and beauty expert who has unlocked the secret to looking younger with what she calls Facercise.” She is considered the world’s foremost authority on “face exercises and has helped restore the appearances of Hollywood film personalities who have had too many plastic surgeries. And she’s gone and made a video especially for 40licious! Give it a try, and maybe delay that Botox a little while longer — or forever.

As we grow older and reach our 40s, our facial skin begins to loosen and we start to show more significant signs of aging. Most creams and facial applications address the topical health of the skin, but what about underneath the skin? Fortunately, there are alternatives that address the causes of aging, instead of just treating the symptoms. This can even be done without expensive medical procedures or surgery, just a few simple exercises each day to improve the tone and tightness of one’s face.

The program is called Facercise: a series of daily facial exercises designed to strengthen all of the muscles in the face. As regular exercise tones different muscles in the body, face exercises keep the face muscles toned. It is easy to maintain a daily face exercise routine for the areas of the face that you wish to target, and it is recommended to do face exercises when you start to see the first signs of sagging skin or notice areas of the face that you wish to improve. Face exercises can also be used to re-align noses and other parts of the face, to achieve a more symmetrical look.

Some of the results of doing face exercises can be:

  • Raised or lifted eyebrows
  • Enlarged eye sockets, which result in the eyes appearing more open and vibrant
  • Diminished puffiness under the eyes
  • A shorter or narrower nose (the nose grows with age, creating an aged appearance)
  • Fuller lips, turned up young looking mouth corners
  • Toned and defined chin, neck and jaw line
  • Better, rosier complexions

Because the muscles are directly targeted, they improve the contours of the face from beneath the skin, plumping the cheeks and bringing blood flow to the muscles. Early signs of aging can help be prevented by eating healthy foods, drinking water, wearing sunscreen on a daily basis, and doing a regular facial exercise program. Positive results of doing face exercises can be seen in only a few days. You can tone, tighten and smooth the chin, neck, and jaw line, lift your brow, or achieve fuller lips at home, without the need for Botox or other expensive procedures. The best part about facial exercises is that you can do them anywhere: in your car, in the bath, in the checkout line, or anywhere!

Maggio has also helped restore the appearances of many Hollywood film personalities who have had too many plastic surgeries, and has written her own book called Facercise, and there’s also a DVD. You can also visit her spa in Redondo Beach, or take a class via Skype. Visit her online or call 1-800-597-3555.

Vanessa McGrady40licious Beauty: Facial Exercises Keep You Younger Looking Longer

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