My New Blogging Challenge – One Year Ago Today

OK, here’s a new blogging challenge — post an email you sent or received one year ago today (or to whenever the date is that you posted). Here is mine from last Nov. 10, in response to someone who had her first Craigslist experience and wondered about the veracity of the seller. Yes, he sucks bigtime and is trying to …

Vanessa McGradyMy New Blogging Challenge – One Year Ago Today

40licious and a half

Lesson #7, above. Lucy didn’t get a say in this executive decision. I’ve been 40licious for six months. It’s been amazing, really, the journey to here, so far. The best way to mark it, I think, is to outline 20 things I’ve learned since I got to this point. 1. Sometimes you just have to let things go. Take the …

Vanessa McGrady40licious and a half

Surrender to the Freckle

I write so much about other people, that it’s sort of a shock to see when someone writes about me. It’s happened a few times, like when my play was up in Seattle, and I had all kinds of adoring journalists calling me for the lowdown on the body-image thing. I think I was professionally happiest then. I’ve recently come …

Vanessa McGradySurrender to the Freckle

40licious Hall o’ Fame: Fun With Pop Rocks

The link isn’t quite working directly; search for “Liquid Muse” on the site and pick “alcohol-free cocktails.” You’ll be glad you spent that extra four seconds. I hereby initiate another rockin’ person into the 40licious Hall o’ Fame: My good friend Natalie Bovis-Nelsen, aka The Liquid Muse. There are several reasons I could have previously put her right in there. …

Vanessa McGrady40licious Hall o’ Fame: Fun With Pop Rocks

The Funniest Four Minutes of My Week

Oh. My. God. The worst (and possibly best) voice mail message ever. I don’t know who this Olga is, but I love, love, love her for making this public. Break.com, the site that hosts this message, implies that Dimitri is a “douchebag,” but dear 40licious readers, I think we can do better. I mean, who uses those, anyway? They’re not …

Vanessa McGradyThe Funniest Four Minutes of My Week


We do a lot of things wrong in this country. We imprison people without a fair trial. We promote senseless consumerism and encourage hard-working folks to sink deeper into debt. We have a million different kinds of ways to veil all our -isms. But one of the things that makes me proudest as an American is our First Amendment. It …

Vanessa McGradyBlogistics

A Life, Unraveled

Blogging: How much do we say? Whose privacy do we sacrifice? What’s best left as veiled metaphor? Read this excellent piece by Emily Gould in the NYT Magazine.

Vanessa McGradyA Life, Unraveled