Black Truck

My first time I saw Steve outside work he’d invited me to come see him play music, on or near this day in 2008. I drove about two hours south to see him and his friend set up at a Starbucks, where the barrista had been slipping whiskey into the frappuccionos in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. There was hardly …

Vanessa McGradyBlack Truck

Money: It’s Different for Women in Their 40s

Kevin Brosius Today’s interview is with Kevin Brosius, president of Wealth Management, Inc. He is a fee-only financial planner (which means he’s not paid by an investment firm to sell their products) and investment advisor with offices in Allentown and Plymouth Meeting, Pa.   1. By the time a woman hits 40, there are a lot of variables she may …

Vanessa McGradyMoney: It’s Different for Women in Their 40s

40licious Relationships: Surviving Divorce After 40

On the emotional trauma scale, divorce is up there around death of a loved one, or having your best bra eaten by a Chihuahua. Erica Manfred, author of “He’s History, You’re Not: Surviving Divorce After 40,” says that getting a divorce in your 40s or later has a uniquely different impact than on someone younger, who might be able to …

Vanessa McGrady40licious Relationships: Surviving Divorce After 40