Day of Reckoning

There are several times a year when we take inventory. New Year’s, for sure, to think about what didn’t work the past year and what we’d like to manifest for the days to come. Birthdays, to reflect on where we’ve been and what we’ve learned. And of course, tax time. Where the hell did it all go?

Over the past few days I’ve been gathering numbers for my accountant, who has quite cleverly moved to some cheap plot of land in Texas or Utah or Colorado, I don’t know, some state where they have cowboys. Yes, I had to plow through a lot of numbers. But I’ve come up with several realizations, that don’t necessarily fall into a mathematical mindset.

1. I work harder than almost anyone I know. Karen and Rachel, my lifelong friends who are, respectively, an English professor and ER doc, probably best me on this. Elperks, a second AD in many movies and television shows you’ve seen and loved, pulls those looooooong days and nights. Amanda goes around the world to grab images that will change lives. OK. Maybe I don’t work harder. But I do work a lot. Most of my waking hours.

2. I give a lot of presents and contribute to many charities. I hadn’t realized that. $20 here and $100 there — I’d imagine that it adds up after a while, and hopefully does some good.

3. I could probably do a couple of my own mani-pedis during the year.

4. I’m rethinking the cleverness of real estate. There are a lot of added costs that I won’t see an ROI for, say, 15 years. What if I don’t live that long? I think I was frigging CRAZY to do a kitchen remodel, frankly. But whatever. It’s nice and there’s no turning back now.

5. It would be nice to spend a calendar year lost on an island, trading coconuts and massages and English lessons for food and sunblock. No cash. Just services and goods. In fact, I think I’m going to pitch that.

6. My dog LuLuBelle? She’s practically free except for the organic kibble she gets twice a day, and the occaisonal benign tumor removal. She’s been the most stable element in my life for 12 years, and will be for 100 more. She is what I count on the most. There is no box for her on any IRS form.

Vanessa McGradyDay of Reckoning

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