40 no-so-licious

I realize this will come as a shock to the 40licious fan, but there are some things that are NOT so great about turning 40licious. For example: You think you’re a winner and you blow your $19 in scratch off tickets, reinvest in more tickets, then all you get is one more free ticket. You’d think I’d know that this …

Vanessa McGrady40 no-so-licious

England pictures are up!

I will not bore my friends by showing them my vacation photos. However, if you would like to see them, they’re here.

Vanessa McGradyEngland pictures are up!

The Best of Bread

I knead you to knead me Today was a long, long day. At least 12 hours at work preparing for this huge annual meeting. I got a lot done. It was kind of fun, actually. I always like scrambling around before the party better than the actual event. A little more than a week ago, I was in the English …

Vanessa McGradyThe Best of Bread

English Cream

Ice creams or condoms? You decide!

Vanessa McGradyEnglish Cream

The Fine Art of Being* AMENDED VERSION

Loz does all his own stunts It’s taken me a couple weeks to realize that vacation is about the fine art of the hang. Our biggest mission today is to find fish & chips at someplace Loz knows by the sea [GUEST EDITOR NOTE: “The ‘place-or-other’ we ate fish chips was called Aldeburgh – that’s pronounced ‘old-bra’.” Old bra indeed!]. …

Vanessa McGradyThe Fine Art of Being* AMENDED VERSION